Wilcity Directory Listing WordPress Theme Customization

Service Description

Are you looking for a WordPress expert to customize your Wilcity WordPress Directory Theme as per your business needs? Want to implement custom functionalities by extending the existing theme code? If this is something you are looking to achieve, we can make that happen for you.


1. Wilcity Frontend Customization (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) - Customizing the appearance of the theme using the existing theme layouts/options and make your listing website look awesome.
2. Wilcity Backend Customization (PHP) - Customizing the existing theme functionality to add custom features based on your business requirements.

Base Service includes 2 Simple or 1 Complex Customizations. For more Wilcity related services, check our Service Extras down below.

With 5+ years of Core WordPress Web Design and Development experience, we have worked closely with various popular themes on Themeforest. Wilcity is one of them. We excel at this particular theme and can deliver mindblowing results. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started and build an amazing Directory Website for your business today!


1. We are Wilcity Experts. We know the theme inside out.
2. We follow the WordPress Coding Standards & Guidelines.
3. Our customizations are not lost when you update the Wilcity Theme because we always add them in the Child Theme.
4. You can expect quality work from us and fast turnaround time for your customization project.
5. We do Rigorous Testing to ensure everything works perfectly before handing over to you.


1. Any additional requirements communicated after the original brief has been mutually approved and quoted will be considered beyond the scope of work and will be charged extra accordingly.
2. Quotes may vary based on the complexity of the custom coding tasks involved in the project.
3. We don’t work on weekends. Any message posted on the weekend will be answered on Monday. Thanks for understanding.

If you have any questions regarding the Wilcity Theme Customization service, please reach out to us. We will provide you with a FREE consultation before proceeding the project.


Briefing Details

We will need to the following information to get started with the development work.

- Complete Project Brief (PDF or DOC Format)
- Wilcity WordPress Theme Complete Package
- Login/Admin Details (WordPress and FTP for Migrating The Final Work)