WPML Installation & Set Up Assessment

Service Description

If you start your bi/multilingual website project from a vanilla install, then we can take care of the WPML Installation & Set Up (https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization/4045-wpml-installation-set-up) on your behalf.

If on the other hand, there is an existing website in a singular language and the decision has been made that this site needs to become bilingual or perhaps even more than one language needs to be added, then it usually is a lot better (read: cheaper in the long run) to first assess whether there are going to be any obstacles on the road.

That is the reason that in those cases we always recommend to perform the WPML Installation & Set Up Assessment.

During this Assessment, we take the whole site (frontend and backend) under the loop and look at WordPress setup in general, selected Theme, selected plugins, any potential plugin/theme conflicts with WPML, database, files structure, SEO and speed.

We finialise the WPML Setup Assessment with a Report that by and itself is a very valuable document that can be used to improve the site, whether you decide to hire us or not.

The Assessment Report also includes an estimate on what we think the investment is going to be to get the site functioning fully bi/multilingual and usually we include additional services for example for content duplication or implementation of the translated content.

We can indeed take care of everything except the actual translations :)

Briefing Details

To be able to get started we need to know/receive the following:
1. your site URL
2. the default language
3. the additional language(s)
4. which language URL format
5. is custom language switcher preferred or will standard language switcher suffice?
5a. if 5 is standard language switcher: its location (nav menu or sidebar widget)
5b. if 5 is custom language switcher: preferred location and what type of customisation you're looking at.
6. admin login details (please make separate account with username of "bhiconsulting")
7. FTP details *
8. database access
9. any specifics you can think of (whether custom post types/taxonomies need to become translated, etc.)

* some hosts whitelist certain IP addresses for FTP access, but we don't have a static IP address. If your host cannot disable the whitelist feature, I'm afraid we cannot help you.