Advanced WordPress Contact Forms

Service Description

Hello, and thank you for checking out my service.

If you need an advanced, robust contact form in your WordPress Site, I can use Gravity Forms to create it for you.
- The form may have:
Single line text fields,
Number fields,
Radio Buttons,
Paragraph text fields,
Name fields,
Date fields,
Time fields,
Phone fields,
Address fields,
Website fields,
Email fields,
File upload fields,
List fields,
Advanced Pricing fields (including pricing with functions),
Conditional logic (i.e. some fields may show up only if some specific selection is made).
This service includes 1 year of gravity form updates and is about up to 12 fields.
- The form may show any message you wish once the submission is made, or it can redirect to an entirely new page.
- Both you and/or the user can get an email (HTML or plain text) each time a submission is made. The submission will also be saved in the WordPress backend.

Looking forward to work with you!


Briefing Details

- Just inform me about all the fields you need in the form. If you want the user to be redirected once submission has been made, inform me where you want it to redirect.
- I will need an administration account in your WordPress site. On some servers, ftp access is also required to install the plugin. Alternatively, I can prepare a Gravityform on my installation, export the form and send it to you, so you can install it on your site.
- If you will have HTML e mails being sent once submission has been made, I will need the HTML code. Alternatively, you can send me a image banner (600px width max) to be positioned on the top of the e mail, and inform me about the text you want below.