WordPress Hosting Transfer

Service Description

Are you moving hosting providers? Changing the domain name of your site and need help moving?

I can help you move your WordPress site from one host to another in moments. Using SSH or FTP I can quickly and easily move your sites files and database from one hosting provider to another - all quickly and efficiently!

I will also take file backups of your site and database that I will email to you for your records.

Once the files have been moved, I will export the database, make any necessary changes (domain name, file paths, etc) and then import it into the new hosting environment.

Briefing Details

What I will need from you:
1. Old server connection information.
2. New server connection information.

When providing access, know that only the files you specify will be moved. Proper instructions would read as follows:

Hostname: example.com
Username: root
Password: password
Database: your_database_name
Files To Be Moved: public_html/