Site Move (Magento, Wordpress, Custom cms etc)

Service Description

If you need to move/backup your site to another domain, then this service is right for you.

What we do for you?

We will make sure that every single url from your site is changed to the new server, and every single file will be moved to.

The moving can be made at a specific hour on request(when your traffic is low for instance)

We will also create a backup of the old site(if is the case) on request.

Backup - We will keep the backup made for 3 months(on request starting from the day you bought the service) . If you have any problems in this 3 months we will restore the backup made(including in this service)

Briefing Details

I will need :

- ftp access
- database access
- optional: when the backup/move should be made(specify the hour)
- if you already have a backup send me the backup
- cms info - user admin and password.