Express Migration/Clone/Transfer WordPress Site

Service Description

With over 4+ years of WordPress experience, our experts is ready to do any WordPress migrate for you!

This only includes:
- WordPress site migration to new host
- Transfer of all files from old website to new
- Any other WordPress migration/transfer

You can grab my service if you want to:

1) Move the current site to new domain
2) Move the current site to new host
3) Move the current site to new location
4) Make a clone of your site

This does not include:
- This does not include any customizations

Briefing Details

Please provide me the following details:
1. Wordpress admin details of old site (URL, username, password)
2. Wordpress admin details of new site
3. FTP details of old site (server URL, username, password)
4. FTP details of new site
5. Control Panel details of old host (username, password)
6. Control Panel details of new host
7. Any other instructions