Move Wordpress Website To A New Location / URL

Service Description

You have a website at http://your-old-domain/ and it has to be moved to http://your-new-domain/


you have a website at http://yourdomain/subfolder1 and it has to be moved to http://yourdomain/ or otherwise to http://yourdomain/subfolder2

To make this work properly there are a number of steps that have to be taken. I can physically move the website to the new location and ensure the website, including menu and permalinks, will work properly.

If you have a lot of pages with manually made internal links pointing to the old location which won't be automatically changed with this process, then I can tackle the first 10 pages or posts to fix this for you.


Please see my theme demo install service for the guidelines:

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help speed up your website. Please note - there are many factors affecting website performance - the shared hosting / the theme / the number of plugins you have installed. This plugin will make a difference, but it is not the only factor determining the speed of the website.

SECURITY - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help protect your website from a wide range of attacks. A daily backup of the database will also be set up.

SEO - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help improve your website's rankings in Search machines such as Google and Bing. Please note that it is still up to you to do the right content / keyword analysis and apply this to all your website's posts and pages. This plugin will help you by giving you pointers as to how to improve the SEO for each piece of content.

CUSTOMIZATION - 1 hour general customization - setting up pages / menus / installing extra plugins / and so on. Please consult with me before ordering to determine the kind and amount of customization you require, whether I can do it, and also my availability.


Briefing Details

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING to discuss the scope of the job and check my availablility.

I'll need the following:
- login details of your hosting account(s) (including PhpMyAdmin / database details and FTP details)
- plus an admin login for the Wordpress system.

Please try to ensure that your hosting account is ready for Wordpress to be installed, that there are no IP / country login restrictions on the hosting account, and that any login details you provide really are correct, as these factors are the most common causes of delays in delivering the job.

Delivery time is generally max 24 hours from when you place the order and supply me with the necessary logins, but please check my availability first.