Wordpress Core & Plugins Update

Service Description

Your website needs updated – an upgrade to the newest version of Wordpress, plus a number of plugins have to be updated. You can do this yourself from the admin page. However if you don't make a backup before doing this (or don't know how to) and something goes wrong during the update process (white screen of death or other) you have a big problem!

I will help you avoid this. I will make a complete backup of your website, apply all necessary updates and check that everything is working as expected. If anything should go wrong with the update process on the live website I have the backup to fall back on. This way you don't have to worry about a white screen of death or any other problems concerning updates!

PLEASE NOTE - this basic service does not include updating a premium theme, see the Extra service below for this.
Small issues associated with the updates that can be solved within 30 minutes will be included in this service. If there are bigger issues then we might have to discuss further work.


Please note the basic service above does not include updating your theme or the 'premium' plugins that may have been delivered with it (such as Visual Composer / Revolution Slider / Layer Slider). With this Extra I can update your theme and any of these plugins that are delivered with the theme.

If your website has WPML or other premium plugins which are not supplied with an updated theme, and if you have not authenticated these plugins to enable automatic updating, then with this Extra service I can manually update these plugins with FTP.

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help speed up your website. Please note - there are many factors affecting website performance - the shared hosting / the theme / the number of plugins you have installed. This plugin will make a difference, but it is not the only factor determining the speed of the website.

SECURITY - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help protect your website from a wide range of attacks. A daily backup of the database will also be set up.

SEO - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help improve your website's rankings in Search machines such as Google and Bing. Please note that it is still up to you to do the right content / keyword analysis and apply this to all your website's posts and pages. This plugin will help you by giving you pointers as to how to improve the SEO for each piece of content.


Briefing Details

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING to discuss the scope of the job and check my availablility.

I'll need an admin login for the website, plus the login details of your hosting account (cpanel / PhpMyAdmin / database details / FTP details).

Delivery time is generally max 24 hours from when you place the order and supply me with the necessary logins, but please check my availability first.