Wordpress Site Transfer/Migration/Cloning

Service Description

You have a website, but you want to move it to another web hosting - quicker or cheaper hosting? Or you bought a new domain? No problem! We will do this for you! We can also clone your site to another domain name, it's up to you!

The process of transferring/migrating/cloning/moving Wordpress sites is very reliable with us. It is because we passed through this process a hundreds of times, working with a lot of clients. We are specialized in Wordpress customization and we know how to safety manage your database, files without breaking anything.

Wordpress transfer/migration/cloning is a perfect service solution for you if you move sites frequently or build websites for offline clients.

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Briefing Details

We need:

1. Site URL

2. FTP details and access for your web hosting/s accounts/servers/cpanels.

3. Wordpress Login details.