All in One WordPress Customization Pack (VPS, Speed Optimization, Demo, SEO)

Service Description

Why VPS?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Servers are imaginary (since they are all just one server, not several), but they are strictly defined and managed by the virtualization software. Based on the hardware setup you purchase, the virtual computer will be allocated with the specified number of CPU's, RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth. Most hosting plans are ‘shared’ which means you ‘share’ your VPS with tons of other people. This can mean slow page loads and downtime. With a VPS you get your own virtual server space just for you! DigitalOcean is one of the top providers for high quality and affordable private hosting.

Benefits of VPS
- Isolation From the Activity of Others on the Same Host
- Guaranteed Speed
- Guaranteed Stability
- Guaranteed Space
- Root Access

VPS Setup and Configuration
Now a days the fastest website service provided by VPS . Many peoples are struggling with VPS setup and configuration.
Get your DigitalOcean VPS (Virtual Private Server) droplet up and running with a fresh up to date install of Wordpress. Now you can seat back and relax. I will take the hassle out setting up your own VPS.

Why use DigitalOcean?
If you want your Wordpress site running at top speed then you need your own VPS to host your site. Definitely you can choose DigitalOcean for your Hosting Service. Register in DigitalOcean from:
They've few advantages:
- Starts with a very low price
- Network transfer
- Stability
- Hardware

Speed up WordPress PageSpeed Dramatically
WordPress expert here and help you to optimize WordPress blogs for page speed, SEO, and WordPress Security. Today, I'll optimize your blog to speed it up to 95 pagespeed score on Google. I've already done many great works and now on EnvatoStudio looking to serve those who are worried about their WordPress site page speed.

Included with VPS Service:
- you will get your "mini-hosting", any of software running on it: it maybe about 6 WordPress, 1 drupal and 10 nodejs web services on it. It depends on capacity of your droplet.
- setup a working droplet for you and your web application
- setup of your DigitalOcean DNS so that your domain points to your new site
- installing one themeforest Wordpress theme
- in case if you theme comes with demo content I will also install all it contains properly
- SSH root login disabled with a new username (extra secure)
- SSH random port selection (extra extra secure)

Included with Speed Optimization Service:
- Enable Gzip Compression (To help site load faster in the browser by reducing the size of webpage)
- Defer Parsing of JavaScript Files
- Enable Browser Caching (Leverage Browser caching)
- Optimize the .htaccess file to rewrite rules
- Optimizing all images to reduce size without losing image quality
- Minify all CSS and JavaScript files
- Remove query strings from static resources
- Finally setup W3 Total Cache plugin to best settings
- Core Wordpress optimization
- JS & CSS files combining (Helps in making fewer HTTP requests)
- Serve scaled images (manually)
- Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers
- Avoid and Fixing Bad Requests
- ETags Configuration
- Page, Database and Object Caching (Only for VPS & Dedicated Servers)
- Setup CDN (Optionally)

Fine Print
-You are responsible for creating your DigitalOcean account. I will help you through each step of the way to make sure you get your account setup
-You are responsible for paying DigitalOcean the monthly cost of the droplet size you choose. I am setting it up for you but not paying your bill.

Best of luck, just order this service to speed up your WordPress blog.

Briefing Details

To get started give me the following details:
Before I can get started I will need some information from you:

- DigitalOcean account (I can help you set it up)
- Domain name registrar account
- Name you want for site
- Themeforest theme with demo content if available
- Size of droplet you want Wordpress installed on (I recommend a minimum of 1GB RAM)
- WordPress Blog/Website URL
- WordPress Admin Login
- ThemeForest Theme Full package with Documentation
- cPanel Login if possible Or FTP if you don't have access to cPanel or your hosting providers don't offer cPanel.