Wordpress Express Installation

Service Description

24h turnover guaranteed.

This service includes:

- Installation of the latest version of WordPress on your server
- Installation of your purchased WordPress theme
- Import of any demo content included with the theme (click here for more information)
- Your website's name and logo added to the site

Please note that this might not mean that the installation will look exactly like the theme's demo page.

Briefing Details

1. FTP details

In order to upload files to your website, your service provider will need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.

You'll need to provide an FTP server address (usually something like ftp.yourwebsite.com) and a username and password.

2.Control Panel login details

In order to configure a database and other settings for your website, your service provider will usually need access to your web hosting account's control panel. On many hosting setups this is called cPanel, but this may be called something different on your setup.

You'll need to provide a URL where your service provider can log in, and a username and password.