WordPress Pro Pack - Professional Premium Service

Service Description

If you're looking for fast and reliable WordPress installation and Theme setup - WordPress Pro Pack is the solution for you.

What you get with this service:
- WordPress install on your server
I will install and configure latest version of WordPress on your server

-Theme install and demo setup
Your site will look exactly like theme demo

-Adding your logo and site name

-Basic WordPress SEO
I will install and configure best plugin for WordPress SEO - it will be an easy starting point for you to rank up in Google

- Performance setup
I will install and configure most effective cacheing plugin that is most suitable for your hosting

- Basic security setup
I will configure WordPress to be more secure than regular install

- Scheduled backups setup
I will install and configure best available solution for scheduled backups of your website (Dropbox account needed)

✖ What you DON'T get with this service

I do NOT write or customize your site content. You still need to write all your own posts, pages, and build your own custom menus.


Briefing Details

Here's what we need:

1. Site URL (e.g. example.com)

2. Control panel login details for your hosting account (panel URL, username & password / cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk or other management panel).

3. FTP login details for your hosting account (server, username & password)

4. Your website's name (e.g. My Brand new Website)

5. Your website's logo (preferably in PNG, PSD).

6. Your theme's ZIP file (you can get this from your ThemeForest downloads page. Make sure to select "All files & documentation".)

7. Wordpress login and password (if Wordpress is already installed.)

8. Your email address.

9. If the theme comes with more than one demo, Please select a demo and tell me name of it.