WordPress Website Migration / Cloning + Domain Change

Service Description

As theme developers with over 10.000 sales we know about WordPress and we have experience in managing hundreds of themes.

On this service we can help you migrate your website from one server to another, in some cases the domain is different and if that's your case, we'll take care of it too.

Here's a brief description of this service:
- We will transfer you site for the new host.
- If the domain is different we will update the new wordpress database.
- We will review all pages to confirm that they are working properly.

Briefing Details

In order to get the job done as quickly as possible please provide the following details:
- Full brief and instructions on work required.
- WordPress login details.
- Old and new account ftp login ( required )
- Old and new Database user + password or CPanel login or Hosting account login details.