WordPress Installation with Demo and Plugins Setup

Service Description

What you will get from our service:
- WordPress CMS installed on your server.
- Theme activated along with its content, like the documentation provided with the theme, if available.
- All the basic plugins related to the theme will also be installed. (some plugins may require license)
- Your Logo will be uploaded.
- 2 Core SEO Plugins Installed I.e, Yoast SEO, and Yoast Analytics.

Important Notice: After the theme installation, sometimes the website will not look exactly the same as the demo/preview, in this case, we will not be responsible for customizing it. Additional Plugins that are not related to the basic theme will not be installed.

Please also note, any details that are not specifically mentioned in the initial brief (for example hidden layers in PSD) will be excluded from project scope and will be considered as a separate project. After we deliver the final result, if any changes are made that is not caused by our team and leads to errors or bugs, an additional charge may apply to fix it.

Wordpress High-Security Plugins Extras will include Installation and configurations.
We will use Wordfence or w3total (note that not all server can support w3total plugin)


Briefing Details

Please provide the following before we get started:

1. Domain or URL link to the site
2. Control Panel login info (address, port, username, password)
3. FTP login info (FTP address, port, username, and password)
4. Please provide WP admin access (username and password) if you already have this. if you don't, please specify what username you'd like to use.
5. Please also specify on which folder you want us to put the installation in (if needed).
6. If there is more than one demo provided in the theme, please specify which demo you'd like to use. we'll install the default theme for the demo if we don't get this information from you.