Wordpress Setup, Customizations, Security, Optimizations And More...

Service Description

I will provide following services:
1. Install latest version of Wordpress.
2. Cleanup all the unnecessary samples from the default WP setup.
3. Install the basic plugins that are must have for WP.
4. Install and configure a SEO plugin.
5. Install and configure a Cache plugin (plugin will be chosen according to the server resources)
6. Do 3 small modifications or customization in wordpress theme if required by the client.
7. Install and configure the visitors stats plugin (both internal and external stats)
8. Setup a contact form.
9. Setup the Privacy Policy page.
10. Mobile optimization, if required.
11. Secure your Wordpress site.

I always aims at quality instead of quantity.

Briefing Details

Server Login details.
Email id that will be used for Admin and in other details.

Logo, wp theme, any custom plugin, data.