Simple Custom WordPress Plugins

Service Description

Do you have a need for WordPress to do something out of the box? Does your site require a custom plugin to handle your users, content or something more?

Custom WordPress Plugins are our specialty! Whether you need a simple plugin to manage your Custom Post Types or a complex add-on to Gravity Forms, we can write it quickly and efficiently.

I can create a custom WordPress Plugin that can do any of the following:

1. Contain a custom post type or multiple custom post types to manage your content.
2. Extend Gravity Forms Plugin to include your own custom form validation.
3. Install a custom javascript library (already existing) that gives you settings to enable or disable features.
4. Set up custom meta boxes for any and all content types (Posts, Pages and Other Content Types on your site)
5. Implement your own ideas for extending WordPress

Briefing Details

I will need a concept from you on what function your plugin will perform. Example:

Plugin Name: Your Plugin Name

Function: Install Socialitejs script (URL to Script goes here) into customizable WordPress plugin. Allow Socialite Social Sharing Buttons to appear under each post and page.

WordPress Settings: Allow administrator to toggle Socialite on posts or pages, change format from large to small icons and specify which social icons to display.