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Backup, Update & Secure Your Wordpress Website - Total Security Service

Service Description

Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers, Malware, Bots & Other Bad Traffic - With My Total Security Blog Defender Service.

I'm Hantaah, a web developer / designer and Wordpress expert from the UK

This is a Total Security service that will secure and defend your website from Malware, Bots and other bad traffic by performing the following optimisations:

Host Security Advisory
Plugin Security Audits
Theme Security Audits
Anti Brute Force Security
Anti Cross-Site Scripting
MySQL Database Security
Nefarious Traffic Blocking
Hiding WordPress ‘Tell Tale’
Anti Comment Spam
File & Link Monitoring
Know Offender Blocking
Automating Core Updates
WordPress Security Audit

In leyman's terms I will:

Back up your site
Check your plugins security
Check your theme security
Delete unused themes / plugins
Update theme / plugins
Activate security
Secure htaccess
Activate All In One Security
Activate automatic updates
Activate WP spamshield
WP Secret keys
Set Htaccess options

and whatever else found that may be compromising your security.

Briefing Details

- send WP admin access details
- send FTP access details
- send hosting access details