Bulletproof WordPress Security

Service Description

As WordPress powers more and more websites, the number of hackers and other shady individuals who target WordPress is also steadily growing.

Statistics suggests that more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Make sure that your website is not in that 70% by strengthening it's security using this service.

This service covers:

1) Strengthening the WordPress backend dashboard.

2) User account and Password strengthening.

3) Brute-force login protection.

4) Automatic site Back-up setup.

5) Database hardening.

6) Using custom Salts to strengthen the configuration file.

7) Block access to wp-config.php file.

8) Hide WordPress & PHP version.

9) Malware scanning and removal.

10) Monitoring system for bots and file changes.

11) Antispam protection.

12) Custom Login url.

Briefing Details

1) WordPress login details.

2) FTP details.

3) Cpanel or Hosting account details (optional)