Ninja Security for WordPress

Service Description

As the most popular web-platform on the internet, WordPress is also the most popular target for hackers and spammers. Unfortunately most of installed WordPress sites are extremely vulnerable to attack.

If your website hacked - this can make down your sales, reputation, SEO positions (Search engines will show notification for your visitors that your website is dangerous).

I know how to fix it, you could see me on ( with detailed report about WordPress security.

This service will help you to make your site more secure, fast and safe.

We will do next tasks for you:
- Install and configure an industry standard security plugin
- Secure table prefix, security salts, users id's
- Activate automatic database backups
- Activate login protection (bruteforce protection)
- Secure your configuration file
- Secure your uploads folder from malware and shell execution
- Hide your uploads, plugins, themes and admin folders
- Disable user ID/username discover
- https configuration if needed and ssl certificate provided
- Suggest you a list of plugins you should to disable/remove
- Add Captcha to default Login/Registration/Lost Password screens
- Make full Website Backup for your future purposes
- Scan template for Hidden links + Malware Scanning

More than 500 orders done with 97% positive feedback!

Briefing Details

This is not a malware/virus removal service, your site should be clean before you order it!
For better and faster starting we kindly ask you to provide your Hosting account access details Details (Cpanel or other panel url, username and password).

It will be great if you can also send ssh/ftp host, login and password.
WordPress username & Password.