Wordpress CDN Setup + DDoS Protection

Service Description

With ten years of working experience in ASP.NET (using MVC & Webform), PHP, C#, jQuery and SQL, wordpress and UI/UX design, we believe we can get your job done very fast and with good result.

The Service Includes:

-Setting up a Content Delivery Network. (FloudFlare, MaxCDN e.t.c)
-DDoS Protection Setup
-DNS Configuration
-CDN Minify JavaScript
-CDN Minify CSS
-CDN Minify HTML
-Enabling CDN Website Caching.
-Enabling CDN Browser Caching.
-Zero Downtime.
-Very Fast Response

PLEASE NOTE: This service will NOT include the manual addition of any content. also please note that this is not a customization service.

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Briefing Details

We would need the following informations:
- Your CDN Login Details (User Name, Password, URL).
- FTP or cPanel Login Details (User Name, Password, URL).
- WordPress Admin Details (User Name, Password, URL).