Professional WordPress Security + Malware Cleaning

Service Description

Hi Folks,

Has your WordPress Website ever been hacked? Do you want to avoid the hassle of ever being hacked? Every day, thousands of WordPress websites are hacked and infested with malware so that spammers can promote their own products. If your website gets hacked, it's very hard to win audience’s trust again. It will ruin your business, it will ruin your business reputations.

If you want to avoid this from happening, this is the right service for you. I will carefully go through every aspect of your WordPress site and fix any vulnerabilities. I will also document any changes I make for future reference.

I can also help with sites infested with malware, spam or other viruses. I can also help you login into your site even if spammers have taken over.

What you will receive:
- Implement strong WordPress dashboard security tweaks to thwart malicious hacker attacks.
- Add additional security layers to protect the WordPress database from malicious attacks and zero day vulnerabilities.
- Manually check that correct privileges (WordPress roles and capabilities) were assigned to each WordPress user and update where necessary.
- Brute-Force Protection
- Cleaning of Malicious Files including PHP files in the Wordpress Directory.
- htaccess/php.ini/nginx.conf Security Tweaks
- Remove Inactive Themes
- Check Database Password Strength.

Would you like to test me? Then ping me now with the word 'Hi, Hacker Boy.......

Feel free to knock me before buying the service. I will help you :)

Briefing Details

If you think that I am your best option, contact me now to start with my security service for WP websites.

What I just need from you to optimize your content is:
- Login and password: Host Service.
- WordPress Admin Login Details.
- FTP/Hosting Control Panel Login Details.
- Any information about previous problems, if you had them.

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