Wordpress Malware Removal and Fixes for Wordpress hacked sites

Service Description

Do you have a wordpress website or a wordpress theme hacked and malware infected or black listed in google due to security issues . We can fix it and remove all the infections and take it back to life . The service includes the following

Detailed Scan of all Website Files
1.Detailed Scan of all Website Files
2. Full Site Security Audit and manual removal of infections by checking every code line by line
3. Security Enhancements
4. Blacklist Removal (Some infections may trigger a blacklist of your website online. This means that when people try to visit your site they are warned that the content in harmful and urges them not to proceed , We will take the needed steps to remove all these warnings right away and allow visitors to surf your site without issues.)
5. Database Optimization & Cleanup
7. Brute Force Attack Prevention
8. Detailed Cleanup Report
9. Installation of security plugins to prevent any future infections or hacking attempt


Briefing Details

FTP credentials and wp-admin credentials .