WordPress Malware/Virus Scan, Cleaning, Removal, Fixing service for hacked sites - All in One

Service Description

Your website was hacked or you want to improve your website security? Within this service we will scan and manually check all your WordPress, themes, and plugins files from your hacked website for malware and viruses. We will remove all malware and viruses integration's in code, and restore original files. All code issues related to malware and viruses on site will be fixed by us, and your site will start working correctly as before. Additionally we will boost your website security to a new level to prevent future attacks.

100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY - if we will not be able to complete this service, we will refund all your money, with no questions asked.

Whats included in this service:
1. Detailed scan of all your WordPress related website files (WordPress, themes, plugins).
2. Manual checking of all Website code lines one by one for infections, manual removing for viruses and malware.
3. Advanced security configuration and security system installation for WordPress to prevent future hacks.
4. Theme and plugins update (if required).
5. Blacklisting removal (if your site was banned in Google, Yahoo and other services for malware we will take all steps to remove your site from black lists).
6. Server configuration & wp-config security audit.
7. Anti Brute Force attack configuration, WordPress dashboard protection.
8. Hide WordPress backend from hackers.
9. Detailed security report and suggestions.
10. Moneyback warranty.

Briefing Details

Provide your website FTP site access, WordPress admin panel access and CPanel hosting access.