WordPress Security

Service Description

WordPress security has become one of the trending topics among developers and new WordPress beginners. They don't really know that hackers can hack WordPress sites with a couple of tricks they use. But if you are concerned about your WordPress security or if you think that your site is compromised somehow, just order this service.

I will check if there have been any security issues with your WordPress. The attacks on WordPress websites have been increased due to the recklessness of us because we don't really care about WordPress security.


+ Checkup your server firewall
+ Fixing backdoors that hackers use to get inside your WordPress
+ May install needed security plugins
+ Password change for all users (including admin to make sure STRONG passwords)
+ Configure CHMOD pemissions if needed for core WordPress files
+ Change Default Login link of WordPress
+ Double-checking for activated WordPress theme in terms of Security
+ Double-checking for activated WordPress plugins in terms of Security
+ Brute-Force Attack Protection
+ Remove Inactive Themes and Plugins
+ Check Database Password Strength
+ Website Manual Backup
+ Malware Scanning
+ Malware Cleaning


Spend a few bucks and make your WordPress site secured from hackers. No, backdoor will be left open for hackers ha-ha! Say Good bye to bad visitors/bots.

Briefing Details

To get started. You will need to send me the following details:

1. WordPress Admin Login Information
2. FTP/cPanel Login Information

However, you can change the login details after the work is done. :)