Premium WordPress Website Speed and SEO Optimization - All in One

Service Description

Within this service we will optimize your WordPress website loading speed for SEO and increase Google Page Speed Rank of your website.

You can check your current website Google Page Speed rank here:

If you see value lower than 75-90 this is VERY BAD and your website is not optimized for SEO and will always have BAD position in Google/Yahoo search results.

Within our service we will do the following for your current site content (if required):

1) Lossless images optimization for your website homepage images (photos, products photos, images, icons, etc) for fast site loading.
2) JavaScript files optimization and minification for fast site loading.
3) CSS styles files optimization and minification for fast site loading.
4) Cache system setup on your Wordpress website for extra fast loading.
5) Install SEO system that allow you to easy manage your website SEO settings (Page titles, Meta tags, etc)
6) Create a backup of your old website so you always can revert back all our changes.
7) Web Server/Hosting configuration optimization (PHP, Apache) - if allowed by your hosting
8) Core Wordpress Optimization.
9) Enabling Browser Caching.
10) Enabling GZip Compression.
11) JS, CSS Combining.
12) Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.
13) Fixing Bad Requests.
14) Minimizing number of total requests.
15) Database and Object Caching.
16) Optimizing .htaccess/apache/nginx configuration.

After our optimization your website pages will loads very fast (on maximum speed allowed by your hosting hardware and limits) and your Google Page Speed rank should increase to 80-90+ values for Desktop.

This will give more visitors for your website because of higher Google Rating, more clients and more sales and profit!

Do not wait for your competitors - get one of the FASTEST Websites Today!


Briefing Details

Provide your website FTP site access, WordPress admin panel access and CPanel hosting access.