SEO Experts - Optimize your site to be part of google's top search results.

Service Description

Aside from optimizing your wordpress core speed (you only have 6 seconds to convince an user to stay in your page), you'll also have to optimize your wordpress powered site for search engines.

What does that mean? We're expert digital traffickers :D

Imagine yourself in front of the main door of a convenience store, the store's path will take you to see all the products in it. The convenience store is Google, and the search results (SERPS) are the products offered, one of those being yours. You will need to find a way to get more people to see you and buy your product.

The same applies to the web. We can optimize your wordpress website's core files and content and place you at the top of your niche's search results.

Our Wordpress Seo Service includes the following:

- HTML Optimization:
- Re-evaluation of your HTML core files to make them faster and less crowded.
- HTML Selectors revision: We will review your titles and content and fix them
accordingly to the SEO standards.

- CSS optimization.

- Content Optimization: Modification of content based on SEO strategies by using specific keywords techniques.

- SEO keywords and SEO key-phrases research, analysis and strategy implementation and consulting.

- Have questions? Throw us a line or two, we will be more than happy to answer them!

Briefing Details

- Wordpress Admin login & Password
- Web Hosting Admin login & password
- FTP login credentials
- Main three keywords that represent your business
- Core Business
- Ideal Customer