HTTP To HTTPS - SSL Certificate Installation and Configuration

Service Description

Google has announced that sites not using https will receive a penalty in their search engine rankings. It is time to make the change, but the transition can be intimidating if you are not a tech guru.

Let us take care of making the switch for you.

Our service will set up a SSL certificate for your site and properly configure everything so the transition is smooth and fast. More importantly, it will give you peace of mind, knowing that your site will meet the standards set by search engines and will keep or even improve its search rankings.

The job includes the following:

* SSL certificate creation
* Certificate installation and configuration
* 301 redirections for your current links
* http to https change

For the certificate creation, we use multiple services. We will choose the one that best fits your site depending on your hosting provider. We can also use your own certificate if you purchased one.

Briefing Details

To get started once you place your order, we need the following information:

- Site address
- Hosting provider
- Hosting account or cPanel login information