All In One Page Speed Optimization For Wordpress

Service Description

Today, the website speed is very important since Google rely on pagespeed score for ranking, you can check your pagespeed score here

If you have a RED or ORANGE score, Then you should order this service to give more power and speed to your website, and rank well in Google search pages.

The basic service include the following check-points:
- Avoid landing page redirects
- Enable compression for Apache
- Leverage browser caching for Apache

The premium optimization also includes:
- Optimize HTML
- Optimize CSS
- Optimize JavaScript
- Optimize images

The advanced optimization also includes:
- Reduce server response time
- Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
- Enable compression for Nginx
- Leverage browser caching for Nginx
- Mobile User Experience optimiation

You can send inquiry for more details.


Briefing Details

- Your WordPress site URL.
- WordPress admin access.
- Control Panel (cPanel) access.