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Speed up Wordpress Site and optimize it

Service Description

With My 15 Years of Experience Web Development and 5 years in Wordpress And SEO, I will Speed up you Wordpress Website and optimize it. In order to enable that, it will rank faster in search engines e.g google , yahoo, Bing, etc

Will Provide Full Online reports Before And After Speeding process.

What I Will Do For You:

- JavaScript and CSS files minification .
- Enable file Caching and optimize it .
- Enabling Gzip compression for your site files.
- optimize your site database.
- clean old post revision and pingbacks.
- Enable Browser caching for your site visitors .
- optimize the HTML code.
- manual reducing big images size without losing any quality.

Note! Speeding up the Wordpress may require installing some plugins

** This Service is only intended for non-SSL Website. SSL Website will cost extra. Please consult with me before ordering SSL Site optimizations.


Briefing Details

What I will need from you to start the work ?

- Wordpress Admin Login details
- cPanel and/or FTP Login details