WordPress Speed Optimization

Service Description

Slow site? That's a bummer. Especially because your website speed matters. A lot.

From User Experience to SEO, you have a lot to lose if your site is not up to par with the current standards.

Let me give you just one number: visitors start abandoning your site heavily if it's not loaded after 3 seconds.

You should also know that Google uses your site load speed in its ranking algorithm. In short: if your site is slow, it will rank lower.

WordPress sites are hard to optimize. There are lots of variables. What theme you use and which plugins you use are 2 factors quite specific to WordPress.

Luckily for you, I can help you with that. Every site being different, not the same techniques will be used, but here is basic rundown of what my service includes:

- Reduce your web pages size: concatenation & minification of resources
- Better use visitor's browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc): leverage browser caching
- Load your site assets closer (geographically) from your visitors: use a Content Delivery Network*
- Reduce medias size: optimize images
- Reduce the amount of dynamic content generation: cache site pages

This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the basics of what I'll do for you. Depending on your setup, I might do less or I might do more.

Please note that I could also be recommending you to change to a better hosting company.

* The use of a CDN may involve you taking a subscription. This is to be discussed at the beginning of your site optimization project.

Briefing Details

Ready to speed things up? Let me know your site URL and prepare an admin account for me on your WordPress site!