Website Speed Optimization

Service Description

Do you need to increase your website speed?
You need to reduce page loading time?

Keeping your website healthy and optimized is crucial to keeping any visitor happy.
I can help you to speed up your website and load within 1-5 seconds.

- Faster Loading will help you to increase visitor.
- Decreased Server Load
- Reduced Hosting and CDN Costs

Service included:
-- HTML, CSS & JS Minification.
-- Enabling GZip Compression.
-- Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript Files
-- Image Optimization, Scaling & Resizing
-- Fixing Bad Requests.
-- Configuring ETags
-- Optimizing .htaccess or conf file
-- Enabling Website Page Caching
-- Enabling Browser Caching.

Briefing Details

-- Wordpress dashboard info (url, username and password)
-- ftp/cpanel info