WordPress Speed Pack (Google PageSpeed + GTmetrix)

Service Description

This service includes the following:

+ Installation of a Premium cache plugin worth 49 USD.
+ Improve Google PageSpeed Desktop score to 75-90%.
+ Improve Google PageSpeed Mobile score to 70-80%
+ Boosting Gtmetrix Structure Score to 80-90%.
+ Provide a Improved Comparison Report.

** Note that, We will do Complete speed setup for the whole website but the guaranteed score will be for Homepage Only. If you need guaranteed score for inner pages, please order the extras below.

** We will definitely try to improve page loading time but it is not guaranteed. Because page loading time depends on a lot of factors which includes your website's structure, resources and most importantly your hosting environment. If you need to improve page loading time, we can suggest some good hosting if needed.

** If u need more score, please send us an enquiry first.


Here is a summary what I will do:

- Fix First Contentful Paint
- Fix Speed Index
- Fix Largest Contentful Paint
- Fix Time to Interactive
- Fix Total Blocking Time
- Fix Cumulative Layout Shift
- Properly size images
- Defer offscreen images
- Minify CSS
- Minify JavaScript
- Remove unused JavaScript
- Efficiently encode images
- Serve images in next-gen formats
- Enable text compression
- Preconnect to required origins
- Avoid multiple page redirects
- Preload key requests
- Use video formats for animated content
- Remove duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles
- Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers
- Avoids enormous network payloads
- Uses efficient cache policy on static assets 3 resources found
- User Timing marks and measures
- Fix JavaScript execution time
- Minimize main-thread work
- All text remains visible during webfont loads
- Minimize third-party usage Third-party code blocked the main thread for 0 ms
- Uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
- Avoids document.write()
- Avoid non-composited animations
- Avoids large JavaScript libraries with smaller alternatives 0 lar
- Enable file Caching.
- Enabling Gzip compression.
- Optimize database.
- Enable Browser caching / Leverage Browser caching
- Manual reduction big images size without losing quality.
- Remove query strings from static resources
- Setup a Cache plugin to best settings
- Avoid and Fixing Bad Requests
- Configuring ETags
- Make fewer HTTP requests


Need More Work?

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Briefing Details

① Domain Name

② FTP Login

③ Wordpress Login