SEO + Performance + Security Plugin Bundle

Service Description

3 Plugins that will boost your websites performance, security and search profile. This job involves a basic install and setup + short instructions to get started with using them.

PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION - Installation and set up of a caching plugin that will help speed up your website. Cached content can be delivered much faster to website visitors. *

SECURITY - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help protect your website from a wide range of attacks, such as brute force attacks. A daily backup of the database will also be set up.

SEO - Installation and set up of a plugin that will help you to improve the SEO for your website's content. Please note, this job does not include an analysis of content / keywords.

This job is based on the same services offered as extras to Envato's Wordpress Express Installation Service.

Please contact me before ordering to check for availability and the scope of the job.

Briefing Details

I will need the Wordpress admin login for your website.

* Please note that some hosting providers (such as GoDaddy) do not allow the installation of caching plugins, since they have their own caching activated on the webhosting account. You might want to check with your hosting about this before ordering.