WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Service Description

Having a slow WordPress site hurts your business. If your website is slow then users and customers will leave. This means lower conversion rates and less money.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services enable you to provide the very best possible user experience.

This Service Includes the following:

- Detailed performance audit report (Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix)
- Minify JavaScript
- Minify CSS
- Minify HTML
- Optimize the order of styles and scripts
- Enable Compression
- Enabling Website Page Caching
- Enabling Browser Caching
- Database and Object Caching
- Optimize Images
- Review active plugins
- Defer parsing of JavaScript
- Combine CSS and JS Files
- CDN Installation and Configuration (Optional)
- Review active theme

If you have any other questions or concerns about this then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Briefing Details

We'll need the below details:

- FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info
- WordPress Admin Info
- CDN Login Details (Optional)