WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Service Description

Frustrated with the speed of your WordPress Theme and website? Let our experts help you to optimize your website investment by returning and removing clustered elements that are damaging your website on Google.

Our experts will work round the clock to fix your website to by removing code and scripts that are hamming your website.

We will clean your code, optimize and speed up WordPress to the best acceptable result your for Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix or YSlow.

- We will generate a report at the start of your optimization
- Optimizes Performance for Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix or YSlow
- Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS
- Compression, Website Page Caching and Browser Caching
- Optimization of your Images
- Object and Database Caching
- Review of your active plugins and JavaScript
- Provide you with a final report to review the progress we have made. How exciting!! :)

This Service Includes the following:

- Detailed performance audit report (Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix)
- Minify JavaScript
- Minify CSS
- Minify HTML
- Optimize the order of styles and scripts
- Enable Compression
- Enabling Website Page Caching
- Enabling Browser Caching
- Database and Object Caching
- Optimize Images
- Review active plugins
- Defer parsing of JavaScript
- Combine CSS and JS Files
- CDN Installation and Configuration (Optional)
- Review active theme

If you have any any unanswered questions or concerns about this service please do contact us.

Briefing Details

We'll need the below details:

- Your WordPress Admin Info
- Your FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info
- Any other brief requirements in writing