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Service Description

WordPress Speed Optimization service: Improve your WordPress load speed

Please contact me before placing the order as I will need to evaluate. It's important!

We already know the problems that come along with a slow website i.e Losing Potential customers. Google Chrome will start flagging websites that take a long time to load. I will fix the slow load speed issue by optimizing your WordPress website. Without writing a lot of jargon, In simple words here is what I will do for you.

Optimizing the WordPress and database
Optimizing images and serving them in WebP format.
Enabling Compression and Caching
Adding a content delivery network. If you have a paid service, we can use that.

WordPress speed optimization will make your website load in 2-3 seconds or less. I won't give you false claims that I will make it load in under 1 sec. Yes, making the website load under 1 second is possible but it also depends on other factors. Optimization will cut the load speed considerably.

Please note, comparing the loading speed of a website and Google page speed score is like comparing apples to oranges. Your website may load in a second but the google page speed score might not be good. As the page speed score depends on factors like how the theme is coded by the developer, server response time, etc.

Here is how I work:

1) Test your website load speed on Pingdom tools
2) Check the website to see how the speed can be improved
3) Optimize the website

We can then compare the before and after speed.

PS: I will improve the load speed and not the Google page speed score as both are different. The page speed score will improve but that will not be the deciding factor. The page speed score improvement can be a different service altogether.

Briefing Details

Website URL
WordPress and Cpanel logins
Brief info about the issue and when it started if you have an idea about it.