WordPress Speed Optimization Service (PageSpeed / GT Metrix / Pingdom)

Service Description

When people visits a website, how fast the website loads is all that matters. Studies show that most of the visitors turn away from a website that takes more than 3~4 seconds to load. As a result, you lose your business. PageSpeed is one of the most important factors to rank on Google and other search engines. Thus, Website Speed Optimization will greatly improve the user experience, reduce the bounce rate, and improve your search engine ranking.

Key benefits of having WordPress Optimized Website -
♛ Improved User-experience
♛ Good conversion rate
♛ Reduced bounce rate
♛ Good search-engine ranking

How will I optimize your WordPress site?
♛ Perfect caching for WordPress (WP Rocket Pro Plugin)
♛ Database Optimization
♛ Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
♛ Inline & Combine JavaScript and CSS
♛ Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS above the fold contents
♛ Defer parsing of JavaScript
♛ Leverage browser caching
♛ Google Font Optimization
♛ Image Optimization(Compress and serve scaled Images)
♛ Enable LazyLoad for images and iframes
♛ CDN Setup and Configuration
♛ Increase server response time
♛ Minimize Redirects and fewer HTTP requests
♛ Enable GZIP compression
♛ Fix Bad Requests
♛ Fix SSL HTTPS Mixed Contents Issues In WordPress

Why would you work with me:
♛ 10+ years of experience with WordPress development
♛ 100% Satisfaction with Money-back Guaranteed
♛ Quality work without website breaking issue.
♛ Handled WordPress Speed Optimization for numerous websites to increase their sales and revenue.


Briefing Details

In order to get started, we need following:

- WordPress Admin Credentials
- FTP and Hosting Control Panel Info.

You will get analysis report with the link to verify.