Speed Up WordPress Website Optimization

Service Description

Howdy, this is Haroon!

I do WordPress Speed Optimization by 95%. I speed up WordPress websites (a service called "pagespeed optimization"). So, if you decide to purchase my service. I can guarantee you that I will speed your website up and boost the loading time.

Here are the issues I fix:

1. Browser Caching
2. Enable Gzip Compression
3. Configuring ETags
4. Avoid CSS @import
5. Remove query strings from static resources
6. Leverage browser caching
7. Minify CSS/JS/HTML
8. Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
9. Make fewer HTTP requests
10. Configure entity tags (ETags)
11. Optimize images

Why Choose Me For This Job?

- I'm a passionate web performance geek
- Really competent in web performance issues
- Know the insides outs of web servers
- Familiar with Nginx, Apache, SQL, Windows server, etc.
- Reliable. Have helped 100s others. (check reviews)
- Minute-by-minute updates
- No downtime at all
- Only work with WordPress sites

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Briefing Details

To get started. You will need to send me the following details:

1. WordPress Admin Login Information
2. FTP/cPanel Login Information