Remote Support Session (1 hour max)

Service Description

Remote Support Session (by Geek Support)
Get the help of a super Geek from the office to wherever you find yourself. We are experts in computer science, so we can be anywhere we want without leaving the office… cool, huh?

We help more than 150 people around the world every month with technical problems, installation, configuration, and other issues from our offices with just one price per hour or per session, depending on the job or agreement.

For 1 hour max. you have the full attention of a IT Geek.


Briefing Details

1. Make a brief (no more than 1,000 characters) of the problem or situation that you have.
2. Install on your computer and sen us your User ID and Password.
3. Confirm us the step 2 and we will be contacting you to initiate the session.