WordPress Website Maintenance

Service Description

Are you running a WordPress website for your business and are finding it difficult to maintain it due to your tight work schedule. Just how creating a website is important for your business, same is to properly maintain it to keep it away from bugs and security issues.

Now, you don't have to worry because we are here at your rescue. We are a team of true WordPress Experts who can take a good care of your businesses heartline i.e. your website so that it keeps running flawlessly each and every day.


All the below mentioned tasks will be carried out without breaking your site.

- We will update WordPress to the latest version.
- We will update WordPress Themes to latest version. In case of customized themes, you need to have all your customizations into the child theme so that they are not lost.
- We will update WordPress Plugins to latest version and suggest replacements for those incompatible or non-updated plugins
- We will backup your website so that you can keep the backup with you if you may need ahead of time. Automated backups can also be scheduled.
- We will fix issues arised if any after the updates are done.

For more WordPress Support service offers, please check out our Extras. If have any questions prior ordering the service, please let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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1. Any additional requirements communicated after original brief has been mutually approved and quoted will be considered beyond the scope of work and will be charged accordingly. Thank you for understanding!
2. C-panel and FTP details are mandatory for this service.
3. We don't work on weekends.


Briefing Details

We will need to following information to get started with the work.

- Login/Admin Details of your Web Hosting Control Panel, FTP and WordPress
- Your Questions if any