Wordpress Demo Website First Steps

Service Description

You have had your website installed with the demo content provided with the theme, but what now? Sometimes these themes can be rather complex and overwhelming. What are the next steps to get you started with building your website and adding your own content?

This service involves 1 hour of support, possibly spread across a number of emails, to help you get started using your already installed demo website. This service is aimed at people familiar with the basics of wordpress but perhaps new to Themeforest themes, with a basic level of familiarity with website concepts and a bit of a DIY attitude.

I'll give you pointers concerning how the theme works, the main plugins in use, I'll point you in the direction of more information on these topics (so be prepared to do some studying yourself), and I'll throw in any handy bits and pieces of general advice that I think are relevant to your situation.

I have installed hundreds of themes for Envato Studio. I do not know every theme and plugin, but I have good general familiarity with a lot of the most common plugins and theme set ups, and so I can give you a whole bunch of tips and tricks to get you started.

Please note: this service is mainly advisory and does not involve ME building or customizing your website (so don't send me a list of customization requests). This service involves me pointing YOU in the right direction to get you started with editing your own website. Also, if certain things are not working in the demo website, it might be part of my advice that you (as buyer of the theme) contact the theme developers, in which case I will advise you what you need to ask them.

(If you are actually looking to have a demo website installed, I have a service for this:


Briefing Details

Tell me how far you have got, what has been done / installed and what you think are the main areas you need help with.

I'll need you to send me the full theme zip package with the documentation files, plus the wordpress login. For some issues it might be necessary to have the hosting cpanel login and / or the FTP login.