Service Description

Google has been working diligently to make the web safer and has now begun to mark websites as “Non-Secure” which do not have an SSL certificate installed but still exchange user data. Therefore, it has now become a must to serve your website over HTTPS/SSL to secure your visitors’ data and also to show that your brand cares about security.
SSL or Secure Sockets Layer helps establish an encrypted link between your web server and the website visitor. This makes sure that all data passed between the two is private and no-one in the middle has access to it. Even if someone manages to tap the connection, the data will be of no use to them, as it is encrypted end-to-end.
Apart from the main benefit of securing user information and prevention of data leak, one of the major driving factors has been Google’s webmaster guideline. It states that SSL will be considered as a ranking factor in their search algorithm. This was announced back in 2014 and since then many websites have begun transitioning to HTTPS.

You will need to buy the SSL certificate from your hosting provider. As alternative, if you want to use FREE SSL certificate instead, please register at:, let us know your email and password to login.

We can help you with:
- setup SSL to your website and change the URL from http to https
- Very fast response time
- Very reliable and very responsible service

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Please note, any details that are not specifically mention in the initial brief will be excluded from project scope and will be considered as separate project after initial project is completed. By ordering our service, you have agreed to above terms and conditions.


Briefing Details

We would need:
- Your website URL.
- WordPress admin login details
- FTP login details
- cpanel / hosting account access.
- SSL provider Login Details (you can buy SSL certificate from your hosting provider)