Service Description

Google Sets Deadline for HTTPS and Warns Publishers to Upgrade Soon, More than 50 percent of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome, meaning this change may have a significant impact on web publishers.

A prominent warning may affect how secure users feel and may cause some visitors to leave a site, which will negatively impacting a sites bounce rate, advertising impressions, affiliate clicks, and e-commerce sales.

I can correctly install SSL Certificate to your website and make sure that the http version redirects to https and all the resources are loaded correctly on secure site and there is no mixed content, which means some content might still load with http instead of https, this includes both installing the SSL Certificate and making sure that site has no issue after install.

Briefing Details

We would need:
- Your website URL.
- WordPress Dashboard access
- SFTP FTP login details
- cPanel Hosting account access.
- SSL provider Login Details.