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Promotional Tools

One of the best ways to help your Envato Studio business to grow is to promote your services outside of Envato Studio. We will be updating this page to include more resources, however here are some graphics and tips to get you started.

Envato Studio Promotional Graphics

We’ve assembled a few graphics to help you market your Envato Studio business: Envato Studio Graphics Pack (.zip).

What's inside:

12 Ways to Get More Buyers on Envato Studio

1. Use your skills to create freebies

Envato also runs a network of marketplaces where people buy and sell digital goods. Some of the most successful ‘authors’ on the marketplaces (their version of service providers) use their creative skills to make freebies which, in turn, attract buyers for their items (their version of services).

Orman Clark, one of ThemeForest’s most successful authors, runs PremiumPixels.com, a popular design freebies site. When people download a freebie the confirmation page also shows advertisements for his ThemeForest items. Could you do the same with your Envato Studio services?

2. Provide something in return for a subscription to your newsletter

If you have a meaningful presence on the internet, you will eventually build up an (initially) small following of people interested in what you do, and what you create. One of the best ways to keep in contact with this group is through a regular email newsletter. To encourage even more people to sign up to this newsletter, you can offer something in return, from freebies, to consultations, to eBooks, to discounts, to a video course. Once each person is subscribed you can these use the newsletter to let your most loyal followers know about your Envato Studio services.

3. Link to your Envato Studio profile from social media. Every little bit helps!

Whenever someone new checks out one of your social media accounts, the first place they’ll probably look is your bio or ‘About’ text. One easy win is to link to your Envato Studio profile from this text.

4. Blog about your Envato Studio services

Sometimes the best methods of promotion are the most obvious. If you have a blog or website then you should consider writing a blog post about your new presence on Envato Studio, as well as the services you are currently offering.

5. Let your Facebook and Twitter friends know about your Envato Studio services

Friends and followers on social media want to know what you’re up to. You shouldn’t feel bad about announcing to them that you are now selling services on Envato Studio. You might be rewarded with the surprise of seeing some of these friends and followers become buyers.

6. Collect testimonials from happy clients (and hopefully they are all happy!)

When a buyer is looking for someone to work with on a project, one of the qualities they will look for above all else is somebody they can trust. The Envato Studio recommendation system is one source of trust, and another is kind words from previous buyers. When a prospect can see that you’ve left other buyers happy, they’re much more likely to think that they’ll also be left happy after working with you.

When you complete a job with a client you know is overjoyed with your work, it’s worth capturing this opportunity. If they have said something kind about you or your work in the job messages, ask them if you could use it as a testimonial. For example, if a client says: “I’m so happy with how this turned out. Thank you!”, then this great feedback should be shared with other prospective buyers.

Sometimes you’ll know that a client is very happy with the work you’ve done, but they won’t have said it in a way that lends itself to a quick sound bite. In these cases there is nothing wrong with following up with clients to ask them to write a few quick words about their experience working with you. Many will be happy to oblige.

7. Record thank you videos for clients

Seth Godin has often said in the past that, in today’s advertising-saturated internet, you must be remarkable in order to be noticed. One way to be remarkable in the early stages of your business is to deliberately do things that do not scale. In other words, things that seemingly wouldn’t be possible if you had thousands of customers.

Warby Parker, an eyeglasses company, runs a store in New York City. They record simple and brief personalized thank you videos for certain visitors to their store. Not everyone gets one, but it leaves a deep impression on those that do. The customers who receive a video like this will often go on to rave about the company to anyone who will listen!

One way to get buyers to rave about you could be to record a short, personalized thank-you video for each person who buys your service.

8. Ask happy clients to spread the word about you

It’s a simple step, but adding a one liner that says “If you’re happy with the work I did for you, please help by spreading the word” can encourage buyers to think about whether they have friends, family or colleagues who might benefit from working with you.

If you’re using some high-quality pre-written responses when dealing with buyers (which we recommend), the effort involved for this step is even less.

9. Add a Service Provider badge to your website

A badge or banner on your website takes a minute to add, but can send through dozens of buyers through its lifetime. We’ve included a few to choose from in this marketing kit.

10. Link to services in your forum signature

If you’re an active participant in any forum communities, regardless of the topic, adding a link to your Envato Studio profile in your forum signature is an easy way to reach new prospective buyers.

11. Post monthly business updates

People are fascinated by the inner workings of businesses, and many blogs, websites and magazines have been created around this subject. Your Envato Studio business and the steps you take to grow it could be an interesting story for your online audience. People love to see progress and growth from humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise. Pat Flynn, a blogger focusing on passive income, posts a monthly income report which not only shares expenses, revenue and profit, but also digs into why the business achieved the results it did that month. These posts are consistently among his most popular posts each month.

Aside from being great content, a monthly business report is a great opportunity to reflect on how your Envato Studio business is faring, and how you might be able to help it grow faster.

12. Ask friends and family to help spread the word

This marketing method has been around since the dawn of trade. When you launch a new enterprise, your friends and family are keen to see you succeed. Let them help you by spreading the word about your Envato Studio business.