Review Guide

This guide is aimed at helping service providers to prepare service applications that meet the standards required by the Envato Studio review team.


Choose the category that best suits the service you are offering. Below your selection, you will see the definition of services found in the selected category. Make sure your service fits within this description.

Service Title

Some acceptable titles:

  • Retro Lettered Logo Design
  • High-End Fashion Retouching
  • Sketchy Manga Caricatures
  • Logo Design
  • Vectorized Character Design
  • Responsive PSD to HTML
  • Bold Event Flyers
  • Fluid HTML & CSS Navigation Bar

Some unacceptable titles:

  • Amazing, Gorgeous Vintage Lettered Greeting Cards (hype)
  • Fast Logo Design (hype + speed is covered by turnaround time)
  • ABS on LOGOS! (special characters + caps)
  • Front End Web Designer (describes the provider, not the service)
  • ****BEST**** Photo Retouching (hype + special chars + caps)
  • I will design four flyers (not capitalized + a sentence not a title + out of scope promise)
  • Search Engine Optimization - Make Your Site Appear in Google (contains a tagline)
  • Wordpress theme customization (not capitalized)


Set the price for the job within the ranges provided, keeping in mind that we use US Dollars for all prices on Envato Studio. This price should be for the total cost of your service, including all revisions etc. Envato Studio does not offer per hourly pricing.

Turnaround Time

How quickly can you turn this service around? This can be set between 1 and 14 days, and should reflect the entire duration of the project (not the turnaround time for each individual revision). Not to be mentioned in the description.


How many revisions are you prepared to offer for this service? Not to be mentioned in the description.


This is your time to shine as a service provider so be creative, individual, and sell yourself and your service, whilst keeping within the Envato Studio User Terms (as well as the Service Provider Terms and Services Agreement).

Be very specific as to what exactly you are (and are not) offering and the scope or quantity of your service. For example if you are offering Photo Restoration services, be sure to mention how many photos you are willing to restore for the set price.

Examples of things that will cause our review team to reject your service application are as follows:

Briefing Guidelines

Provide some information to the buyer about what you'll need to get the job started. For example if you're creating a logo, you might ask for samples of logos that the buyer likes. If you're converting a website design to HTML, you might ask for the design files in a specific format.

This text will be displayed on your service page below your description, so potential buyers will be able to read this before they order your service. Ideally your briefing guidelines will allow buyers to give you everything you need when they place their order, so you'll be able to get started straight away.

Don't request any contact details from buyers - as stated above, all communication will take place on the Envato Studio job timeline, so you shouldn't need to contact them externally.

Example Images

Example images are in some way considered the most important aspect of your service listing as it visually represents what the buyer can expect to receive from your service. This is a great opportunity to show buyers what you are capable of.

Provide quality examples of relevant work created by you so that potential buyers can justify the payment requested for the service. Make sure that your provided example images meet our strict copyright/trademark requirements (see below for more detail).

Demo (Compulsory for Web Development services)

Demos are an excellent way to show prospective buyers your work in action. They'll be able to interact with it and inspect it at their leisure, giving them more confidence in your skills as a service provider.

When submitting a Demo, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Comments for Reviewer

Here you can leave any further information that you think may help your service get approved. This may be such things as links to work on other freelance marketplaces or further links to your portfolios.

Copyright and Trademarks

Remember, it's the responsibility of the service provider to verify the copyright of assets used in examples, previews and end products. Envato and Envato Studio follow a DMCA procedure and items which are the subject of a DMCA notice will be taken down. There may be other consequences such as account disablement, freezing of funds, and potential legal action from copyright holders. Make sure you've read through our Content Policy as well as this very informative article about what assets you can use over on our Envato Help Center.

Acceptable Service Examples

Here are some services currently being offered on Envato Studio that we believe are excellent presentational examples to follow when creating your own service listings.