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Danish-American, I was born in Switzerland, and then promptly globe-trotted for almost 30 years. From Switzerland, I moved to the outskirts of Paris (France), then to Ndola (Zambia), Stockholm (Sweden), Paris - oui, again! -. Then it was off to the East Coast of the US, back to the UK for university, then Auckland (New Zealand), Jerusalem, and Brussels (Belgium). In 2000, I came ‘full circle’ and returned to the land of cheese, chocolate, and beautiful mountains - Switzerland - and have been living here ever since, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Mother-tongue English, I’m fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian. I'm at ease in Danish, I’m also relatively conversational in Swedish and German. I have an Honours degree in French and Italian Language and Literature from the University of Kent at Canterbury (United Kingdom)...

Today, I've combined my love of writing and language, my past professional experience in the marketing/communications and 'multi' environments - multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multinational - and am a freelance translator, copy-writer, and copy-editor.

I absolutely love what I do. Using my previous professional experience in Marketing & Communications in a variety of public and private organisations, as well as my love of writing and languages, I help my clients create, remodel, and/or translate their written material for internal and external clients, helping them unlock the full potential of their written material.

The best part of my "job" (if I must call it that!) is that I get to work in a wide variety of subject areas. I'm particularly interested in the health sector (particularly autism-spectrum and psychology-related material), food (what's not to love?), culture (arm-chair travel at its finest), personal development (I'm a TEDx junkie), and most everything that relates to people, the arts, and animals.

My dream, you ask? My dream is to translate modern literature and fictional works...