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IsraelJoined September 2013

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Graphic designer, illustrator, former product-manager and a proffessional diaper changer.

Can spend hours selecting the just-right color, and moving the "purchase" button one pixel to the left and one to the right until it's exactly in the right place.
Absolutely pedantic with great design and gets irritated with website who don't consider great UX in their design.

As a computer science graduate, I have a very strong technical side, as well as experience with designing applications, UX and UI knowledge, and also great experience with internet marketing (SEM & affiliate marketing).

I love redesigning websites, providing them with a quick and beautiful face lift, to provide a better appearance and a better user experience. Most of all, I love designing Power Point presentations, while always consider the text as the most important part of the design. I do everything I can, using animation, transitions, images and infographics, to keep the audience of the presentation awake.


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