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I am a graphic designer based in Barcelona, passionate about life I have been influenced by the mixture of cultures of an historical Mediterranean City that learned to embrace the new times. With all that cultural background I embrace my business with a global mindset, focusing on the needs of my clients, helping them grow and stand out in this constantly changing world.

I have had a passion for art and design since my earliest memories, maybe influenced by some of my family members, an uncle who had an incredibly talented hand for all kinds of drawing and painting and a father who would bring color palettes home due to his profession.

The cultural and familiar background combined led me to graphic design, I get the chance to do what I enjoy the most while at the same time being able to help others, listen to their needs, interact with them to provide them that unique art touch that will help them grow, progress and identify their values. It is me talking and listening to them, it’s a direct communication that won’t get lost in channels or impersonal corporate levels.