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About me: Hi, I am a 18 years old digital arts and graphics student who produces 3D, 2D graphics, models and illustrations. I am also a hobbyist photographer. I am currently looking for ways to fund my education to further progress in life! In order to learn and earn some extra money I decided it was time to go online and try to help others with my services!

In addition to my High School studies, I am taking separate lessons in Music Theory and Piano. I have been doing that for about four months and I have been composing for almost a year (June 2013).

I live in Norway and my dream is to become a professional photographer and cinematographer whilst still being able to do hobbyist work like composing and doing VFX for films (which is what I plan on studying). I plan on studying at Vancouver Film School after I have finished my required education in Norway. And when I have earned enough money to afford the one year cost.

I offer cheap services, due to my student nature!