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You can have the best technology in the world, and even the best product, but to make your product or purpose resonate and matter to your audience, you need a storyteller somewhere in the mix.

Even the most gifted and passionate innovators are often too close to their work to take an impartial look at their unique challenges, distinct advantages, and the ever-changing landscape of their market. Without outside advisement and insight, board rooms and headquarters become insular echo chambers where hidden problems persist and latent opportunities remain undiscovered.

Most creative agencies increase their client pipeline by racing all comers through a slapdash assembly line in which each receives the same outmoded, one-size-fits-all "vanilla" treatment regardless of their industry, their product, or their unique circumstances. We reject this approach and instead carefully craft unique strategies and incisive ideas for each individual enterprise.

True North specializes in brand articulation, competitive analysis, market research / external validity, strategic communications, and developing unique positioning and product strategies. Anyone with a keyboard can produce a high volume of passable content, but we take on the truly difficult work of concentrating your unique value proposition into brilliant creative that is distinctive, succinct, memorable, and measurably compelling.